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History repeats itself – again

Companies expand and companies contract; it’s not up to companies to take care of us, it’s up to us…

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The PM40 closed Friday, 11 April 2014 at 3214.

21 Apr 14 Get the latest PM40 update by listening to the weekly Nips show by Pulp & Paper Radio International.

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The PM40 closed 11 April 2014 up 27% from the 12 April 2013 level.

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In this issue we evaluate Verso Paper Corp and Domtar Corp.

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Reported insider trading since the last issue of PaperMoney.

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Just in....

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World Perspectives

Paperless?  NO, but less paper

As we all know, offices, and homes, are still far from paperless, but a “less-paper” revolution commenced about the turn of the century, at least for all kinds of printing paper, including newsprint. This seems likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

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Has Australia got too much of its forests "locked up?"

Recently, the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, threw a grenade into the national political debate by declaring that too many of Australia's forests are “locked up” and vowed to set up a new advisory council to support the timber industry.

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Corporate SEC Filings

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Directed Search

Try this for a change...
Frustrated when you search for "pulp" and come up with "John Travolta"? This should help:

Custom Search
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Wise Advertising

Something to consider...
Something to consider...
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