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Leaders and pseudo-leaders

Pseudo-leaders don't want anyone above them to see what a dedicated, hard worker John is and how talented and knowledgeable Jane is, so they make life difficult for both John and Jane. Conversely, they are "great bosses" to everyone else, or at least everyone who is the opposite of John and Jane and who blissfully wallows in the stagnant pool of mediocrity and apathy. These types of leaders are among the worst a company can have.

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The PM40 closed Friday, 12 June 2015 at 3367.

15 Jun 15 Get the latest PM40 update by listening to the weekly Nips show by Pulp & Paper Radio International.

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The PM40 closed 12 June 2015 up 2% from the 13 June 2014 level.

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In this issue we evaluate Rayonier Inc. and Domtar Corp.

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Reported insider trading since the last issue of PaperMoney.

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World Perspectives

Demonstrating that trees are the answer

It is clear to those who understand the facts that the environmental performance of today's forest products industry is good, except for a small number of pulp mills and forestry operations. However, the industry's image in the minds of many environmental activists and much of the general public remains negative--and improving the industry's image so that the brightest youngsters want to work in it, and so that developers of new mills do not have to face massive and unreasonable public opposition, remains a challenge.

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In many ways PaperlinX is a metaphor for the industry as a whole but it also provides a salutary lesson for companies that embark on a transformation strategy that requires very deep pockets and a compelling business model.

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Corporate SEC Filings

Pulp and Paper Manufacturers report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission

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Final Word

The Final Word by Chuck Swann

We might say that the scientists have repurposed wood pulp...

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Directed Search

Try this for a change...
Frustrated when you search for "pulp" and come up with "John Travolta"? This should help:

Custom Search
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Wise Advertising

Something to consider...
Something to consider...

Having trouble reaching decision makers?

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