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Taking out the trash

Ladies and gentlemen, it's safe to say that it's much easier being a manager when times are great. But if you're behind the wheel of a ship long enough, there's a good chance that the calm waters and bright, sunny skies won't last in perpetuity - no matter how great of a manager you are. Almost always, at some point in time, storm clouds will form, the waters get rough, and the storm comes rolling in.

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The PM40 closed Friday, 17 October 2014 at 3123.

20 Oct 14 Get the latest PM40 update by listening to the weekly Nips show by Pulp & Paper Radio International.

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The PM40 closed 17 October 2014 up 7% from the 10 October 2013 level.

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In this issue we evaluate International Paper Co and MeadWestvaco Corp.

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Reported insider trading since the last issue of PaperMoney.

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Just in....

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The largest single-line pulp mill in the world

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Amusing & Interesting

Table made from ancient Kauri wood creates three-dimensional optical illusion

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World Perspectives

Environmental pressures on dissolving pulp

Wood-based fibers have a number of advantages over cotton- and petroleum-based materials in terms of cost, protection of agricultural land and sustainability. Despite this, an environmental advocacy group called "Canopy" has recently started a campaign to question the expansion of wood-based textile production.

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Be it by luck or planning, the rivers of wood are again flowing as hardwood plantations in particular mature at a rapid rate and need to find a market.

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Corporate SEC Filings

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Frustrated when you search for "pulp" and come up with "John Travolta"? This should help:

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Wise Advertising

Something to consider...
Something to consider...

Having trouble reaching decision makers?

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